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Toastmasters International, District 4, the Bay Area and virtual world offer to help you pursue your dreams. Used descriptive language 3. Body movements—animated, graceful, purposeful, any distracting or repetitious movements 5. Executive toastmasters cc manual speech 6 Summary: For your first speech project, you will introduce yourself to your fellow club members and give them some information about your background, interests and ambitions.

Describe what aspects of the speech manifested room for future improvement. From this evaluation, a Toastmaster will hopefully learn which areas to continue doing well and what areas to improve during the next project and following projects. The District will probably celebrate your award at a District conference, and the District Public Relations Officer will probably make sure your local news media acknowledge your accomplishment, which fewer than 2% of Toastmasters ever attain! · With this speech I completed all the requirements for getting the Competent Communicator Award from the Toastmasters International “Say. Describe the aspects in which the speaker showed improvement over previous speeches. This is the first manual that new Toastmasters will be working on. It looks like you do not appear to have JavaScript enabled in your browser and this website requires it to be enabled.

Use pitches to convey various emotions 4. Unfortunately, even though the CL manual has been provided to new members since, it is not as widely used or recognized as the CC manual. speech; this type of speech will be addressed in Project 10. International Speech Contestants: Eligibility to complete in Toastmasters Contest You must be member in good standing and must be present to compete. Engaging—interest in the audience, confidence in their reaction. At the same time, the AL award was renamed ALS. Gestures—natural, meaningful, lively, precise, enhanced message 4. A lively, excited voice attracts and keeps listeners’ attention.

Each speech will build upon what you have learned in your preceding speeches. After a word when we leave a gap before uttering another word or at the end of a short sentence. Were you screeching?

Confident—nervousness is under control 8. New members receive this manual and the CL manual as part of their new member packages. You will receive a nice plaque, a medal you can wear to certain events (like District Conference banquets), and a DTM badge if you want it. Eye contact—no set pattern, established. See full list on sixminutes. More Toastmasters Cc Manual Speech 6 videos. When you finish all of the projects, you are eligible for the Competent Communicator award. This (along with clear language) helps convey the structure of the speech.

You must take the time to put your ideas together in an orderly manner. Vocal variety—conveys emotion, natural, animation) & voice control 7. Use of pauses—for effect, to allow listeners to digest information. COMPETENT COMMUNICATION MANUAL (NEW) 1. ) @ 2:55, and the great emphasis on “I wish you’d show me more respect” (in a way that is demanding respect) 1. . Attaining DTM is a cause for celebration!

All members must have completed at least 6 speeches in the CC manual or 2 levels in Pathways. . a) Topic Selection and Organization The select topic must be appropriate to use plenty of vocal variety.

The new member receives a Competent Communicator (CC) manual and a Competent Leader (CL) manual. I included numerous quotations from his stories, each carefully selected to both (a) illustrate the biographical details and (b) allow me to convey a different emotion or mood. While the tracks are almost mutually exclusive, a Toastmaster can, and is encouraged to, work on both tracks at the same time.

Quality—agreeable, enthusiastic, passionate 4. Smoothness of transitions 5. You may use notes during your speech if you wish. Used word-pictures (effectively, memorable)—selecting the right words for communicating the message 4. Align Your Voice with Expressive Gestures. Key ideas were few in number and introduced systematically.

A speaking voice should be pleasant, natural, forceful, expressive, and easily heard. LEADERSHIP TRAINING. Use logical reasoning to support your views 3. Pitch — A convenient way to hit different pitch points is to play with different emotional content. Body—easy to follow and understand, well constructed 2. It consists of 2 “tracks”, the communication track and the leadership track. It is toastmasters cc manual speech 6 designed to develop basic leadership skills like the CC manual is designed to develop basic communication skills.

Control breathing will help you gain steadiness of voice. c) Your oratory skills Your speech should be expressive, not merely by body movements and facial expressions, but vocally. Effective use of pauses throughout, parti. For the Love of Animals by Emilie Staryak 2. Describe the strengths manifested in the speech. Some manuals focus on career-related presentations, such as public relations and technical speeches, while others address topics such as interpersonal communication, humor, and storytelling.

GESTURES: YOUR BODY. The main aim of this project are- 1. However, to get advanced awards a second time, a Toastmaster must complete the requisite awards a second time; for example, a Toastmaster must obtain a second CC in order to get a second ACB. Read the entire project before preparing your talk. Use appropriate pauses. Speech Technique.

We&39;ll cover the speech ideas, refer sample speech and analyze how the objectives are implemented. d) Places to use pause “(p)” signifies “pause” 1. Each project builds on what you learned in the previous projects ; you should thus present the. Remember, you will be speaking for only a few minutes, and you will need all of that time to fully develop a single facet of the larger subject. If you get the fi. Varying toastmasters cc manual speech 6 voice to mimic personality traits on “the person who needs love more than information” @ 2:35 1. d)Body language Your body language must vary along with your voice. It contains 10 speech projects, each designed to develop your speaking skills one step at a time.

a) Breathing practice Breathing fast is not helpful in getting control over your voice. Box 9052 • Mission Viejo, CA 92690 USA Phone:• Fax:. You won’t get any value from this speech project if you take that approach. Fascinate the audience. How to Communicate with Me by Shana(?

Organize Your Speech 3. When you attain DTM, it will be a “high” for a while. Hear how to turn your aspirations into achievements in record time with the support of Toastmasters programs and curricula. Topic selection (suited speaker, audience, time available) 2. Complete the CC application in the manual and ask your vice president education to submit it online to World Headquarters. You will also rush with the speech and you will be screeching.

The 15 manuals are: · The Entertaining Speaker · Speaking to Inform · Humorously Speaking · Storytelling · Speeches by Management · Special Occasion Speeches · Specialty Speeches · Public Relations · Interpretive Reading · Technical Presentations · Persuasive Speaking · Communicating on Video · Interpersonal Communication · The Professional Speaker · Facilitating Discussion These manuals are described in more detail in Appendix A to help a Toastmaster select the ones he would like to complete for your advanced communication awards. Find out where it is necessary and where it is not. There are 15 Advanced Communication Series Manuals, each with five projects, from which a Toastmaster may choose any six in working toward advanced communication awards. Toastmasters Storytelling Advanced Communication Project Objectives and Description. Use body language and vocal variety to add even more impact. You choose the manuals to complete and the skills you want to learn. As you write, edit, and rehearse your speech, select words or phrases where you will consciously vary your voice in each of the four P ways. The body language should support the emotion of the speech.

b) Prepare your speech Deliberately design your speech with pauses and stresses. Speech Development. Did you try to finish the speech in a breath? Practice breathing all the way into the abdomen rather than just chest. You will have done at least 37 presentations, served as a club and District Officer, mentored a new member, given at least a 1 ½ hour presentation, done an HPL project, and helped toastmasters start a new club or helped a weak club become strong. Project 6 Speech - Michael&39;s Story Today I am going to tell you a story.

) For each project, a Toastmaster must give the required speech and receive both an oral and written evaluation from another Toastmaster. Posture and stance—confident, relaxed 3. This project will be beneficial in understanding the importance of vocal variety. CC 6 vocal variety speech suggestions Showing 1-9 of 9 messages. Be conscious of all four major toastmasters cc manual speech 6 vocal variables, and work all of them into your speech. Did you use pitches to convey feeling? Organization (clear, simple) & support material (examples, etc.

· 6 techniques for writing attention grabbing speech introductions If writing a speech is difficult, coming up with an effective spee. manual, or they serve in leadership roles while completing projects in the. Don’t just write a speech and try to incorporate vocal variety on the fly as you deliver it.

Prior to, while the communication awards included CC, ACB, ACS, and, in the late 1990s, ACG, there were no leadership awards except the leadership requirements for DTM. Original ideas and material are used and portrayed 2. After a subordinate clause and after a main clause 1. Project 2 - Organize Your Speech EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Good speech organization is essential if your audience is to follow and understand your presentation.

It is important that a new member be scheduled for his or her first speech, the Icebreaker, within a month or 2 after he or she joins the club. The 10 projects in the Competent Communication manual are: 1. · Here is my compilation of Toastmasters Competent Communicator (CC) Project Manual Speeches. Once a Toastmaster earns a CC award, he now has the opportunity to further enhance his communication skills in selected areas. I chose to deliver a biographical speech about Theodor Seuss Geisel, the children’s book author better known as Dr. Ever heard of the saying ‘It’s not what you say it’s how you say it? 4-6 minutes: For your first speech project, you will introduce yourself to your fellow club members and give them some information about your background, interests, and ambitions. For example, I included: 2.

It looks like you do not appear to have JavaScript enabled in your browser and this website requires it to be. Use logic and emotion to support your position. c) Rehearse your speech You cannot expect to walk up to the stage and give perfect pauses, stresses and pace in the first trial.

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